"It wakes a feeling of trust to see how the people from Hobbiton do their wotk Guarantee given is a great plus of this company, and the plan of service works is strictly followed. I am very satisfied. is hard to describe this emotion by words what it feels like living in a log house.”

Priit, a satisfied customer

Advantages of Hobbiton


o Quality producer since 1997
o We give 10 years warranty on load-bearing constructions!
o The amount of winter-felled timber in our storage secures use of the best quality material.
o We are members of the Estonian Woodhouse Association and the International Log Builders Association.
o Our special quality control system takes the possibility of mistakes to minimum.
o We are an economically strong company: 1/3 of our shares are owned by a leading Norwegian log house building company Laftekompaniet AS. We have secured our stability by more than 11 years experience on the requiring Norwegian market.


o We offer both only log shell and “protected from the weather” or “all carpentry works” solutions.
o We afford designing a log house from sketch drawings to a full construction project.
o We deliver a house according to customer’s special needs by using appropriate building materials.


o Our log house builders have learned building techniques from international specialists: George Fuller from Norwegian Log Building School (Norway) and Joel McCarthy from Timber Framers Guild (USA).
o All load-bearing constructions are strength-calculated by licensed engineers.
o We use special computer programs for designing a log house.
o The owners of the enterprise are leaders of the field in Estonia by being active in the Estonian Woodhouse Association and holding lectures in the Agricultural University of Estonia and in the Culture Academy of Viljandi (department of Tartu University). They are helping to restore the popularity of log houses by researching in log house building traditions.


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    Sales: Tartu Mnt.84A-151, 10112 Tallinn Ph: ( 372) 6003015 F: ( 372) 6014758  Manufacturing: Võru mnt.14, 64505 Räpina Ph/F: ( 372) 7979340